Relating to the construction of MEMU, in no particular order...

Geoff Boyd, for designing the Memotech hardware, and making it available to me.

Brian Pritchard, author of the MTX Series Operators Manual. This is really quite a comprehensive technical document, especially towards the end. Not only does it reproduce tech sheets from the chip vendors, it also includes the full MTX circuit diagrams. Invaluable when coding an emulator.

The author of the FDX User Manual and Peter Ketzschmar for making a scan of it available from his website. Especially useful for the exact pixel layout of the 80 column card. See the MEMOTECH MTX Computersystem website.

Per Persson, author of MacTX. I obtained the source and this is how I found Marat Fazyullins Z80 emulation code. I didn't use the other code from this project, but I did copy the logic in his code for loading MTX tape images.

Bemmu Sepponen, author of MtXemu (MacTX ported to Windows), for including the OSROM, BASICROM and ASSEMROM images, which I use.

Marat Fazyullin for writing the Z80 emulation which I use. I've written cycle perfect simulations of 8086, 80186 and ARM6 processors in previous jobs, so I'm acutely aware that writing a similar Z80 emulation would have taken me a man month or two. I've made a few modifications, annotated with @@@AK in his code, mainly to do with LD A,R, full word I/O addresses and keeping track of time.

Richard F. Drushel, Marat Fazyullin and Marcel de Kogel for their input on the VDP palette. See this page for details.

The Zilog Z80 Technical Manual and the Zilog Z80 CTC Technical Manual.

Jim Wills for supplying MTX programs as .mtx files, and for supplying .wav or .mp3 representations of cassettes to Paul Daniels for turning into .mtx files. A big thank you for supplying an image of the SDX ROM. Also, for linking to MEMU from the Emulation page of his Memotech website.

Paul Daniels for supplying MTX programs, particularly sample .RUN files through his mtxdiskmgr.c program sample .dat files representing disks, and lots of .mtx tape files.

William Brendling for improvements to the 80 column card emulation, for the keyboard remap feature, for suggesting improvements to the CP/M support, for improvements to the memory map support, for the DART emulation, for the hardware emulation of the SDX FDC, for the printer emulation code, for the Linux framebuffer support and for Raspberry Pi friendly hooks.

The PortAudio project.

Thanks to Claus Bækkel of MTX World for listing MEMU on his MTX Emulator Page, and corrections to IN 6 and LD A,R. Also, for porting various games to MTX, which I include in the download.

Thanks to Tony Brewer for help with the Speculator emulation.

Thanks to Steve Benway for reviewing MTX games (including some of mine) and showing MEMU on his retro gaming collector YouTube channel. Many of the links from this documentation to videos on YouTube refer to videos made by him.

Borut Potocnik for some feedback about how to compile MEMU on Kubuntu.

And me of course, for writing MEMU, using the information above.