I anticipate quite a few Memotech enthusiasts will be keen to get their hands on these.

As I've been building them, I've found that sometimes I have to buy components in batches, and sometimes its cheaper to do so. So I have stock of most components. But the GODIL is relatively expensive, so I tend to order on demand. This means it could take a little while to make them.

This is what it costs me to build one :-

Item Where Cost
GODIL Trenz £62 (€72)
PCB Iteadstudio£3
512KB SRAM chip Farnell £4
VGA connector eBay £1
MTX edge-connector Toby / eBay£1
SD Card reader module (Arduino) eBay £2
SD Card with MTX software eBay £6
upto 2 x GAL16V8 Futurlec £2
Passives, headers, sockets, etc...   £3
my expertise, time and effort N/A £0
Total £95 approx

You must appreciate that I have limited skill with a soldering iron. Unfortunately I can't guarantee it won't electrocute your MTX, so you'd use it at your own risk. That having been said, I will test that any board I make works when connected to my test-bed MTXs. Also, I can't promise it'll LOAD and play every game, although I've yet to find a case which fails.

If you would like one, email andy.z.key@googlemail.com and please put "REMEMOrizer order" in the subject line. Tell me your MTX type (MTX500, MTX512 or MTX512 S2), how many ROMs your motherboard has, whether you have an RS232 board, whether you have an internal ROM card and your address. I will make and send one. If you like it, you send me £95. If you don't, you send it back. Either response within a month.

Of course, all the project collateral is downloadable, so you could make one yourself. You'd have to download and install Xilinx ISE, download and install xc3sprog, invest in tools (Xilinx Platform cable, soldering iron, multimeter, oscilliscope, logic analyzer, etc...) and run a minimum batch of 10 PCBs. Less cost-effective, but possible.

Customer Address S/Nb rFor Status
Myself Southampton, UK 12+yw3
Dave Stevenson Aberdeen, UK 22+yw3
32 1 in-stock, second hand, half price
Retro Computer Museum Snibston, UK 42 1
Vidar Olavesen Norway ?2 1
Bob Bazley Edinburgh, UK ?2 1
Mike Rudkin Lincolnshire, UK 72+yw3S2
Claus Bækkel Sweden 82+yw3512/3
Simon Marchese London, UK 92 2512/3
Mojahed El-dajani Germany 102 2500/3
Myself Southampton, UK 112+yw3
Mark Kinsey Somerset, UK 122 2500/?
Inaki Castillo Spain 132 2500/3/M
Bas Gialopsos Caerphilly, UK 142 2512/3
Dave Stevenson Aberdeen, UK 152+yw3
Fabio Zanicotti Milan, Italy 162 2512/?
Dick Janssen The Netherlands 172 2512/?
Steve Perry Essex, UK 182+yw3500/3
David Kimberlin-Wyer NY, USA 192 2512/?
Iain Hancock High Wycombe, UK 202 2500/2
Andy Garton Tring, UK 212 2500/2
Jose Luis Tur Santolaria Madrid, Spain 222 2512/3
Jaime González SorianoMadrid, Spain 232 2?/?
Martin Allcorn Eastbourne, UK 242 2
Oleksandr Kapitanenko BC, Canada 252 2500/2
Jon Bradbury West Sussex, UK 262 2512/3 return if S/N 54 is ok
Stefan Schomburg Germany 272 2512/3
Juha Ollila Finland 282 2500/2
Simon Clewley Carterton, UK 292 2500/2
Vincenzo Panio Rome, Italy 302+yw3500/2/Mdue back for repair or refund
Trevor Briscoe Tyne & Wear, UK 313 3512/3
Laios Palingas Greece 323 3?/?
Dean Payne Northants, UK 333 3500/3
Job Geheniau The Netherlands 343 3512/3
Myself Southampton, UK 353 3
Stefan Höltgen Germany 363 3512/3
Mojahed El-dajani Germany 373 3 payment due since Feb 2016
Jim Wills Carterton, UK 383 3
Alan Clark Devon, UK 393 3500/2/M
Vincenzo Panio Rome, Italy 403 3512/2
Jan Seyfarth Germany 413 3500/2
Mark Garnett London, UK 423 3500/2/M
Fleming Dupont Denmark 433 3none
Ian Baronofsky USA 443 3none
Michael Obsieger Germany 453 3512/?/S
Michael Obsieger Germany 463 3512/?/Spayment due since Feb 2017
José Marques Portugal 473 3512/3
Juhani Virtanen Finland 483 3500/2
Gilles Bronchain France 493 3500/2/M
Adam Sheik Caxton, UK 503 3500/2
Jonathan Hird Manchester, UK 513 3512/2
Matt Dickerson Victoria, Australia 523 3512/3
Tony Cruise Tasmania, Australia 533 3500/2
Jon Bradbury West Sussex, UK 543 3512/3 testing as replacement for S/N 26
Mattieu Chouinard Canada 553 3500/3
Maurice De Jersey Australia 563 3500/?/S

Demand is drying up, so I probably won't be making any more.


REMEMOrizers are characterised by the board version b and the revision of the FPGA bitstream r :-

b r Comments
1   A non-working prototype, which never shipped.
2 1 First working version.
2 2 (red-spot) Deglitches the PHI signal (only some MTXs seem to need this).
Shift keys during reset prevent boot to CP/M.
2+yw or 3 3 (yellow-spot) ROM 2 support
Speculator support
Numeric accelerator

If you need (or would like) an FPGA bitstream upgrade, just return it to me, I'll upgrade it and send it back for free. A board upgrade would attract a upgrade cost however.

Production line

This is what the production line looked like :-