Spectrum Software

How good is REZSPEC at running Spectrum games?

The Speculator product was originally developed for the Memotech MTX and first tape with 20 games was included, referred to here as M1. Then a product for the Tatung Einstein was developed, and this had three tapes, E1 (almost the same as M1), E2, and E3.

This Spectrum Emulator page lists what games E1,E2 and E3 had. Despite the page, it seems unlikely there was a Speculator disk which could play any game, unless it essentially worked the same way that REZSPEC does, and even then some things work better than others.

I don't have .TAP or .SNA files of every game that Speculator supported, and do I have a few it never did.

Some games that don't work in REZSPEC also don't when restored from a snapshot into Speculator running on MEMU. Its not particularly easy to determine where the fault lies: quality of REMEMOrizer hardware, REZSPEC software, MEMU's emulation of Speculator, or the game media or version itself.

Game .TAP loadable.SNA restorableSpeculator tapeComments
180 Darts - - E2
Ad Astra Yes- E2
Androids Yes- E3 remember to LOAD "" CODE
Ant Attack Yes- -
Arcadia YesYesM1,E1
Astronut YesYesM1,E1
Atic Atac Yes- M1,E1distribution denied
Blobbo YesYes-
Blood 'n' Guts Yes- E3
Bomber Jack YesYes- crashes during gameplay
also crashes when restored into Speculator on MEMU
Chess (Psion) Yes- E3
Chuckie Egg Yes- -
Countdown Yes- E3
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble Yes- E2?
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopie Yes- E2?
Decathlon No YesM1,E1too large to load from .TAP
Desert Rats 48K Yes- E2
Elite 48K (patched) No Yes- original has a bad block length
crashes during loading
if restore instead, it crashes trying to play it
also crashes when restored into Speculator on MEMU
Feud Yes- E2
Finders Keepers Yes- E3
Firebirds Yes- E3
Flight Simulator Yes- M1,E1
Galaxians - YesM1
Gremlins - - E2
Grid Runner Yes- M1,E1
Gyroscope Yes- - occasional crashes
Hobbit 1.0 Yes- E1
Hobbit 1.2 Yes- -
Humpty Dumpty Yes- M1,E1
Hunchback Yes- M1,E1
Hungry Horace Yes- E3
Jetpac Yes- M1,E1distribution denied
Jet Set Willy Yes- -
Jump Challenge Yes- M1,E1
Knight Lore - Yes- crashes during gameplay
also crashes when restored into Speculator on MEMU
Knot in 3D Yes- -
Laserwarp No YesM1,E1hangs at loading screen
different version to that expected by Speculator
Lazer Zone Yes- E3
Lords of Midnight Yes- E2
Lunar Jetman - - E2
Manic Miner YesYes-
Master of Magic Yes- E2
Micromuse - - E3
Mugsy Yes- E3
Nifty Lifty Yes- E3
Nonterilaqueos Yes- E2
Penetrator Yes- E3
Percy The Potty Pigeon (patched)YesYesM1,E1original has a tape block which is too short
different version to that expected by Speculator
Pheenix Yes- -
Project Future Yes- M1,E1
Push Off Yes- E3 crashes during gameplay
Rasterscan Yes- E2
Rentakill Rita Yes- E2
Rescue Yes- E2
Robin of Sherwood - - E2
Scrabble (Deluxe) No - E3? too large to load from .TAP
Scrabble (Spectrum) Yes- E3?
Sentinel Yes- -
Sim City Yes- - prints tape header names to printer as it loads
Sorcerer Lord Yes- E3
Space Shuttle Yes- - by Tony Brewer
Spectipede YesYesM1,E1
Spitfire 40 Yes- E2
Starion YesYesM1,E1uses IM2
Starion (patched) YesYes- uses IM2
includes the patch allowing the game to be completed
Sweenos World - - E2
Stop The Express YesYesM1,E1
Terminus Yes- E2
The Train Game (track A) Yes- -
The Train Game (track B) Yes- -
Tornado Low Level Yes- M1,E1uses immediate NMI mode
crashes during gameplay
Traxx Yes- M1,E1
Turbo ESP Yes- - crashes during gameplay
Twin Kingdom Valley Yes- M1,E1
Uchi Mata Yes- E3 crashes during gameplay
Way of the Exploding Fist Yes- E2
Quazatron Yes- -

It can also restore snapshots made by other emulators, Speculator under MEMU, and made by REZSPEC itself.