Relating to the construction of REMEMOTECH, in no particular order...

Geoff Boyd, for designing the Memotech hardware, and making it available to me.

Brian Pritchard, author of the MTX Series Operators Manual. This is really quite a comprehensive technical document, especially towards the end. Not only does it reproduce tech sheets from the chip vendors, it also includes the full MTX circuit diagrams. Invaluable when implementing hardware.

The author of the FDX User Manual and Peter Ketzschmar for making a scan of it available from his website. Especially useful for the exact pixel layout of the 80 column card. See the MEMOTECH MTX Computersystem website.

William Brendling for supplying PDF scans of the SDX ROM listing. The SDX support in REMEMOTECH wouldn't have been possible without this.

The Zilog Z80 Technical Manual and the Zilog Z80 CTC Technical Manual.

Daniel Wallner and Mike J for writing the T80 cpu project at OpenCores. Its a microcoded implementation with similar signal interface and timings to a real Z80, used in many other retro projects.

Ronivon Costa for writing the z80soc project at OpenCores, which illustrates how to get a basic system going based on the T80.

Mike Stirling for writing some VHDL to get a signed sound value "through" the WM8731 CODEC to the speaker, as a part of his BBC Micro on an FPGA project.

Lez Anderson for the idea, and letting me know about various candidate VHDL.

Thanks to Claus Bækkel of MTX World for listing REMEMOTECH on his ReMEMOTECH Page, and also for a correction to in 6.

And me of course, for designing REMEMOTECH, using the information above.