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Change log :-

Date Changes
2012-04-08 Implements VDP, CTC, sound chip, virtual cassette, and is able to run lots of games.
2012-04-30 SDX ROM added. and is able to run lots of games.
This completes the REMEMOTECH r1.
Three known systems built: mine, one by Dave Stevenson, one I built and sent to Geoff Boyd.
2016-10-19 Start of work on REMEMOTECH r2.
Numeric Accelerator from REMEMOrizer added, as demoed at Memofest 2016 in Aberdeen.
2017-02-05 Upgrade of Linux to Fedora 25 and corresponding upgrade of Quartus to 13.0sp1.
Removal of some compile time warnings.
Removal of clock-crossing-domain problem in sound chip, which was a bug right from the start, but only seems to occur post the r1 release. Side effect of the fix is that the tone of the sound chip output varies very slightly depending on processor speed setting.
Addition of port 7.

Copying of the included VHDL is encouraged. Respect the licenses of included VHDL written by others. The included ROMs either are the original ROMs from real Memotech computers, or are derived from them, and these images are readily available on the net already. Copying the included driver code is probably ok as it was derived from code developed by Memotech itself, long since defunct. Caveat Emptor.

The initial RAM Disc image includes parts of CP/M 2.2. CP/M is open source and is downloadable here and other places.

The author of REMEMOTECH and this documentation is Andy Key (email

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