Andys Binary Folding Editor

Andys Binary Folding Editor is primarily designed for structured browsing, although it also provides minimal editing facilities.

This program is designed to take in a set of binary files, and with the aid of an initialisation file, decode and display the definitions (structures or unions) within them. BE is particularly suited to displaying non-variable length definitions within the files.

This makes examination of known file types easy, and allows rapid and reliable navigation of memory dumps. BE is often used as the data navigation half of a debugger.

The Usage page covers invoking the editor, the Initialisation page covers its initialisation file, and the Editing page covers how you interactively use it.

BE has the following features :-

Other binary editors

Most binary or hex editors editors do not decode the data in any way. As a result, for many years, the data decode capabilities of BE have been unrivalled. The closest thing to competition has been the data navigation features of modern debuggers.

The SweetScape 010 Editor supports something it calls "binary templates" for doing structured decode of binary data. These differ from BE defs, in that they can be of variable length.

Breakpoint Software has a Hex Workshop Hex Editor which understands structures.